Personal Branding Photography - Kendra LaBouf Photography

Imagine you are suddenly interested in something you have never been interested in before and you enthusiastically search for this thing or idea.  There are many results that pop up.  Some resluts are obviously big businesses with lots of advertising dollars.  But you are wary of big businesses, so you keep looking.  You find several entrepreneurs that look promising.  You scroll through a few, but their photos are unprofessional and all over the place.  Their look in inconsistent and not visually pleasing.  Then you find an entrepreneur who has obviously taken the time to create a personal brand.  She has a professional looking profile photo and then some photos of her working.  She has some of her just enjoying life.  She has some of just her hands on a keyboard, or some of her playing the drums, or her in a client meeting at a local coffee shop.  They all have the same "feel" to them and all support her personal brand.

Personal branding is absolutely essential for today's entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and social media influencers.  According to, "When done right, you are able to establish yourself as an authority, create an authentic voice and attract business through transparency and expertise."  They also say, "If you aren't fully committed to building your personal brand yet, it's time to go all-in."

One important part of personal branding is photos.  Of course there is a place for spontaneous photos taken from your phone, but it is a necessity for you to also have an arsenal of professional photos that align with your brand.

My personal branding photo packages include great headshots plus candid photos of you working and doing what you love.  You receive the digital images without watermarks or logos and can customize them to fit your brand.  Have an Instagram filter you use on all your photos?  Go ahead and apply it!  Want to crop a photo to focus in on a certain detail?  Fantastic!  The packages come with a copyright release that allows you to use the photos across all social media channels, plus your websites and blogs.

This one simple step could be the thing that attracts more followers, more clients, and more influencer status.

Contact me today to discuss the best package for your personal brand.